Special Needs Children

Chilkat Valley Preschool welcomes all children. We work in cooperation with the Haines Borough Schools to identify children with disabilities, then meet with specialists to develop Individualized Education Programs (IEP's) and to pursue additional staff training as necessary.

CVP advocates inclusion of all three and four year old children in a preschool program. We consider any child with a disability as a child first and foremost, and feel that disabled children will thrive most in a program with other children of the same age. Children with special needs often learn more from their peers than from any teacher (e.g. how to share, get along with others, and use language to express needs). In their preschool experience, children with and without disabilities learn to accept people with differences, to be compassionate, and to feel good about helping others.

Our goal is to prepare all preschool-aged children for a lifetime of inclusion.