Our Staff

Alissa Henry has been involved with Chilkat Valley Preschool for over 12 years.  She worked as an assistant teacher with Kim Phillips for 5 years, and during that time received her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.  She worked at a preschool in Juneau and lead an after school program and the Ready for Kindgergarten program in Haines.  Now that both of her children are in elementary school, she has taken on the role of the new Lead Teacher!   

Elissa Brooks has been with Chilkat Valley Preschool for over 2 years, and currently has 1 son enrolled in CVP.  Her other 2 sons are in elementary school. 

Vija (pronounced Vee-yah) is a recent transplant to Haines from Seattle.  She loves snowboarding, backpacking, growing vegetables, cooking and artistic crafting.  Although her professional background is in fisheries biology, she has always been excited and passionate about engaging youth and teaching through play and exploration.  She strives to facilitate interest-driven learning in youth because she recognizes that kids have great latent curiosity that is most potent when they are doing something they enjoy.  Vija is very patient, engaged, and lighthearted as she helps the preschoolers learn through play.