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Exploring Our Program & Approach

At Chilkat Valley Preschool, we offer three distinct programs: the Morning Preschool Program, After Extended Care, and our special Full-Day Summer Camp during the summer season.

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to suit the developmental stage of each child, with a strong focus on emergent and constructive learning. We encourage children to set their learning pace, explore their interests, and engage in play-based activities. Themes and activities often stem from the children's interests or community events, creating an environment where children construct their own understanding of the world through play and interaction. This approach helps them develop essential cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills, setting the stage for lifelong learning.

kids looking at fish

Emergent Learning

Our classroom themes, projects, and activities are often inspired by the children's interests and community events. For instance, we explore nature hands-on during salmon season, incorporating related stories, drama, science experiments, cooking projects, and art. This approach empowers children to construct their own understanding of the world through play, interaction, and experimentation.

Kids Running

Play-Based Development

We believe that play is the fundamental way children learn about the world and their role in it. It's through play that they build problem-solving skills, social interactions, and the knowledge that serves as a foundation for lifelong learning. Our teachers carefully observe and plan to inspire and expand on the children's natural curiosity, making learning an enjoyable adventure.

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