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Summer Camp Program

At Chilkat Valley Preschool, we believe in learning through PLAY and EXPLORATION. Our summer program is designed to immerse your child in nature and the great outdoors, with beach explorations and forest investigations that will stimulate their CURIOSITY and IMAGINATION.

Summer Camp is a full day program operating Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm

Summer Program curriculum is designed for preschoolers aged 3-5.

Session 1 runs through the month of June 

Session 2 runs through the month of July

Check back in SPRING 2024 for date specific details


Beach Exploration

Through playful beach exploration, children discover the natural world and learn valuable lessons about curiosity, conservation, and the beauty of our coastal environment


Forest Investigation

Forest investigation offers children an enchanting opportunity to learn through play, fostering their love for nature, curiosity, and an understanding of the forest's mysteries and wonders.


Outdoor Focus Everyday!

Outdoor play is where children's imaginations take flight, their friendships blossom, and their bodies and minds grow strong, all while enjoying the sheer joy of the great outdoors.

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